Statements to Live By

Statements to Live By

 Statements to live by’. These statements help the children and all of us adults too, to think about who we are, what we believe and what we hope to become. We hope that together we will nurture a sense of what it is to be fully human and alive as children and adults sharing in this Christian community.

There are 36 statements in all which are linked to our Religious Education programme and the Catholic life of the school but each one is relevant no matter what our religious beliefs are.

Each statement will be supported by activities in school such as ‘Circle Time’ and each statement will be celebrated in prayer and at Key Stage worship. The statements will be displayed in each class, on our website and around the school.

The Statements are based on 9 guiding principles, rooted in our Catholic, Christian faith.

The Nine Guiding Principles

Here at St Joseph’s we deliver our Statements over a two year rolling programme.

Statements 2019-21