School Council

St Joseph’s Student Council 2018-19

We are 16 pupils who form the Student Council. All of us have been elected by their classmates and are an important voice for all the ideas, thoughts and opinions of pupils across our school.

We meet every week and share suggestions from pupils across the school. We follow our meetings by sharing ideas with key people across our school to try to make a difference on behalf of the student body.

We have a chairperson and secretary elected from our Year 6 pupils. Their role is to guide the speakers during the meeting, take notes so that all suggestions are shared, arrange meeting with other people across the school and assign key jobs to the rest of the student council. It is the job of all student councillors to share information with their class and keep them up to date with current events such as our Fair Trade stall and St Joseph’s Got Talent.

These are some of the suggestions and ideas shared so far this year. We are working hard to make changes on behalf of all the pupils in St Joseph’s School.

Children asked for… The School Council changed
Funds to buy games and equipment for wet day classrooms. We are meeting with Mrs Dowson to talk through how we could run a day to raise funds for new classroom equipment.
A return of St Joseph’s Got Talent On the feast of St Joseph the Student Council are hosting again St Joseph’s Got Talent.
A Fair Trade day during Lent.


Working with the Mini Vinnies we will be helping to sell Fair Trade goods during Fair Trade fortnight.
Some new playground equipment. Student Council have a rota to support KS1 pupils with their new equipment.
A Science Week in school. We have met with Miss Hogan and there will be a science week in the Summer Term which we will help to lead.
Traffic improvements and traffic control outside our school. Parking Pledge with parents to help to improve the parking outside the school gates.