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The Society of St Vincent de Paul has been engaging with young people and education since its earliest days.

The St Vincent de Paul Society helps people who are facing problems such as:
* Poverty: not enough money to pay for basic necessities.
* Hunger: some families have only one meal per day if they are lucky.
* Unemployment: sometimes parents have to go out every day and search for work.
* No home or poor quality housing: some families of 8 or more live in one room.
* No education: some families cannot pay for schooling or children cannot go to school because they need to work to help their parents feed the family.

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This year we have collected for the harvest festival, an annual event that is always well supported by the friends and families of St Joseph’s. The Mini Vinnie’s helped carry the food collected to a van to be distributed to a local food bank charity.

Later, towards Christmas, we asked families to support our Romanian Christmas shoebox appeal. These boxes are taken to children who are less fortunate than us so than can receive a gift they may not otherwise have at Christmas. Again, our Mini Vinnie’s helped carry the shoeboxes to the van to be loaded.

At the end of the autumn term, Mrs Thompson returned to St. Joseph’s after her trip to Kenya, a visit that has been anticipated and supported within in school. Mrs Thompson showed us where the money we raised has been spent and the difference that it has made. We also got to see videos made by some of the children, one video even came with a personal message to St Joseph’s! The assembly finished with a display of pictures for Mrs Thompson’s visit, which was very humbling and touching to see.

dress up

We welcomed the New Year by arranging a fundraising day for one of the charities we have decided to support. Our next fundraising event will be ‘Dress up and Dance’, on Thursday 11th February in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The Mini Vinnie’s decided this would be a fun way for the whole school to take part and fundraise for the charity. Watch this space for how our day goes!

make a splash

As we move towards Lent we are thinking about the CAFOD campaign, ‘Make a Splash’. The Mini Vinnie’s have already met to talk about the issue of clean water and the importance for health it has. Please watch this space for more information on how you can support this campaign.

a way out

‘A Way Out’ was again supported by the friends of St. Joseph’s, by collecting and taking food to the local food bank, supporting families in our own area. The staff and the children would like to thank all those who made donations towards this very worthwhile cause. Find out more on our Mini Vinnie’s page.

Keeping watching for more worthwhile causes that we will support throughout the year.

Making Friends

Last year, the children made and sent cards to the lonely, vulnerable, sick and housebound of our parish. We wanted people to know they are in our thoughts and prayers. The new group of Mini Vinnies will think or their own ideas to make sure that the vulnerable members of our community feel